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Recommendations for Sunanda Sharma (India/Inde):

• I chose to vote for Ms. Sunanda Sharma in the best psychic, tarot reader and healer categories. It has been a singular privilege to have known Sunanda for the last 1- Year and availed of her astutely insightful, "Tarot Readings". She is a GR8 "Social Shrink" with accurate predictions / guidance of things to come by. Regards, dinesh Malhotra, India

• My recommendation for "lightworker woman of the year " goes to Sunanda Sharma; she is very genuine and truly giving soul, ready to help and guide. She is true to her words. Vote - voting for her in the best tarot reader psychic category. Regards, Mickymona india

• I would like to vote for Sunanda Sharma in the best psychic, tarot reader and healer categories. I also would like to nominate her for 'World of Fame'. She is best tarot reader, I have come across. Her understanding and prediction have always come true. Thanks Gowru. India

• I would like to vote for Sunanda as the best tarot reader. She is very accurate in her readings and also a very compassionate person. She always sends positive vibes and I have complete faith in her. Sunanda has had a huge impact on my life and those of many others I know. Thanks Jazween Modgil Canada

• I vote for Sunanda Sharma for best psychic, tarot reader & healer categories and World Hall of Fame 2014. I personally feel as she is the best person i've ever met and have been greatly benefited by her readings. Thanks & regards, Manvi. India

• Hi, I am voting for sunanda sharma india for best tarot reader, psychic, healer category. Also recommending her for woman of the year award, lightworker of the year award, She is highly deserving of these honours....she is very selfless and is passionate about guiding people .Mansi India

• I have known Sunanda Sharma for several years but I sought her tarot card consultation in 2011. She is an outstanding tarot card reader with extraordinary psychic powers that predict accuracy. I had consulted her when my son joined junior college in Mumbai. I couldn’t believe when she mentioned the two colleges where he would get admission. As per her prediction my son did get calls from both the colleges. Later while going abroad, she also predicted that he will go to Canada and it truly happened even before we started processing the papers. Today, I keep consulting her for health, or other problems and every time I find her predictions translating into reality. She is amazing. I am sure those who will contact Sunanda for Tarot Reading will never be disappointed. She is gentle and reassuring. Her inner calm and patience makes her readings so accurate.No wonder she has been voted as one of the best psychic reader even in USA! Ms Cauvery Mukherjee, Colaba, Mumbai

Types of Tarot Reading

Tarot Service Costs: (Reading via Skype/Email/Phone/FB Chat)
Reading Rupees Dollar
• 1 Question Rs. 1,000 $30
• 3 Questions Rs. 3,000 $60
• Detailed Readings Rs. 8,000 $130
(Time for detailed readings is 40mins.
If time extends charges double)
• Detailed Reading with Meditation and Healing (60 mins) Rs 10,000 $150
• Angel Card Reading Rs. 500 $20

For any kind of healing: Details on Appointment 
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Learn Tarot

Tarot Courses Costs:
(Skype / FB Chat/ One To One Classes)
Course Name & Duration Rupees Dollar
• Advanced + Additional assistance
• (7 Day Course)
Rs. 35,000 $1,000
• Tarot & Numerology Sandwich
• Course +  Additional assistance
• (10 Day Course)
Rs. 40,000 $2,000

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Workshop's Offered

1. Letting Go... Moving On sessions (Details on appointment)
2. Abundance Manifestation Sessions (Details on appointment)
3. Personal Development Sessions (Details on appointment)
4. Mindfulness Training - Details on Appointment 
5. Reiki workshop - Details on appointment
6. Crystal therapy workshop - Details on appointment
7. Reiki Crystal workshop - Details on appointment

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